Barrhead recycling centre is a local government-owned and operated facility in the town of Barrhead, in the Scottish council area of Renfrewshire. The recycling centre processes and recycles a wide range of materials, including plastics, metal and paper. It also provides education and outreach services to the local community.

In recent years, Barrhead recycling centre has undergone several upgrades and expansions to meet the increasing demand for its services. These include the construction of a new sorting plant in 2012, which increased the facility’s processing capacity by 50%; and the addition of a new shredder in 2017, which increased the facility’s capacity to process plastic waste. Barrhead recycling centre is a valuable resource for the local community, and its continued expansion and improvement will ensure that it remains an important part of the town’s economy for years to come.

What is the Barrhead recycling centre?

The Barrhead recycling centre is a recycling and sorting facility located in Barrhead, Scotland. The centre opened on 3 October 2006 and is operated by the Scottish Government. It is the first of its kind in Scotland and is intended to help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. The centre processes municipal and commercial waste from across central and northern Scotland, as well as recycled materials from local businesses.

The Barrhead recycling centre has a capacity of 210,000 tonnes per year and can handle both municipal and commercial waste. It has a sorting facility that can separate organic from non-organic material, as well as a reprocessing plant that can turn used oil into new plastic products. The centre also has a Resource Recovery Facility that can convert plastic refuse into fuel.

The benefits of recycling

The Barrhead recycling centre is a great resource for residents in Barrhead. The centre offers recycling services for residents, businesses, and municipalities. The benefits of recycling are clear: recycling reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfills, reduces pollution, and creates jobs. More than just environmental stewardship, recycling is economic development.

The types of materials that can be recycled

The Barrhead recycling centre accepts a wide range of materials for recycling, including but not limited to: plastic bottles, cardboard, aluminium cans, textiles, electronics and more. Materials that are not accepted at the recycling centre include hazardous materials, asbestos and other toxins.

The benefits of recycling materials are numerous. Recycling can reduce the amount of waste that is produced each year, which in turn helps to conserve resources and protect the environment. Additionally, recycled materials often have a higher value than those that are simply dumped into landfills. This means that businesses and individuals can earn money by donating or selling recycled materials.

How the Barrhead recycling centre works

The Barrhead recycling centre is the perfect place to recycle your old items. The recycling centre has a sorting area where you can put all of your recyclable materials together. From here, the staff will determine what items can be recycled and what needs to be sent to the landfill. The recycling centre also has a composter where you can put your organic waste. The composting process turns your organic waste into soil, which can be used in gardens or landscaping. Finally, the recycling centre has a storage area where you can leave your recyclable materials until they are picked up.

How to recycle at the Barrhead recycling centre

1. Bring your recyclable materials to the recycling centre in bags or boxes. The centre is unable to process large items such as furniture.
2. Make sure your recyclable materials are clean and free from dirt, grease, and other contaminants. Containers that have food residue, oil, or paint can disqualify materials from being recycled.
3. Place your recyclable material into the appropriate bins according to its type (paper, plastic, glass, metal).
4. Keep an eye on your recycling centre container as it will start to fill up over time. The recycling centre offers a refund policy for people who do not use all of their material within six months of collection.


If you’re looking to recycle your old clothes and furniture, then the Barrhead recycling centre might be a great place for you. Not only is the centre licensed by the Department of Environment and Water Conservation (EWC), but it also meets all of the required safety requirements. In addition, the staff at the recycling centre are experienced in sorting clothes and furniture, so they can ensure that everything gets recycled properly.

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